100-Vehicle Crash In Denver

100-Vehicle Crash In Denver

Although the snowfall on Thursday night wasn’t the worst the city has ever experienced, its effects persisted until Friday morning. A significant collision involving 100 vehicles occurred near 6th Avenue and Kalamath.

At 6:20 a.m., A pileup involving 100 automobiles was attended to by DPD, emergency workers, and multiple tow trucks on Friday morning. The variety of automobile damage is visible in photos taken at the scene. After the collision, many vehicles were written off.

Regarding the preparation of the roads before the storm system, FOX31 contacted CDOT. CDOT claims that the City of Denver, not CDOT, is in charge of maintaining the streets around 6th Avenue.

According to CDOT, pretreatment would not have been successful since the pavement was too warm in many parts of the city. Although it may not be snowing, driving conditions might be deceptive. The traction laws are in effect from now until May 31st, CDOT reminds motorists.

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Drivers are required to have one of these while a traction law is in effect:

  • winter tyres
  • tyres with the label “mud/snow (M+S).”
  • a car with all-wheel drive or four wheels