13-Year-Old Child Dies After Being Shot Numerous Times, Philadelphia Police Said

13-Year-Old Child Dies After Being Shot Numerous Times, Philadelphia Police Said

Police reported that a 13-year-old child was shot many times in the head in a Philadelphia area on Monday night and died as a result. According to the Philadelphia Police Department, the adolescent was discovered with gunshot wounds just before 7 p.m. Monday in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia.

They claimed that the youngster had suffered multiple head wounds, including facial wounds. The adolescent was taken to Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia by police, but he did not survive his injuries, according to authorities.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters that the youngster appeared lifeless when officers brought him to the hospital. As physicians worked to preserve his life, he was described as being in a “very severe condition.” According to Small, he was declared dead immediately after 9 o’clock.

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When you witness someone get shot, especially someone so young, it is just tragic, he said. Two teenage boys were reportedly observed fleeing the scene by the police, but as of Tuesday morning, neither a motive for the incident nor any suspects had been named. Authorities are hoping witnesses come forward as police evaluate security camera footage from the area, according to Small.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Small told reporters, “If they tell us what they saw, and what they heard—even if they heard an altercation or brawl beforehand—that really helps us.” “And after we figure out who this individual is, we talk to the family and ask them if there have been any fights at school or on social media, or if they know anything about what would have caused someone to shoot a teenager.”

A 3-year-old child was in a car when a 42-year-old man was shot twice in the head at around 5 o’clock on Monday evening, and a 15-year-old kid showed up at the hospital claiming to have been shot nearby, according to NBC Philadelphia.

According to a record kept by the city controller’s office, at least 186 children have been shot in Philadelphia so far in 2022, making up 10% of all shootings in the city this year alone. The data shows that at least 26 of those shootings resulted in fatalities.