2 Arrested After Threats to New York Jewish Community (2)

2 Arrested After Threats to New York Jewish Community

According to authorities and family, one of the would-be Nazis apprehended for planning to shoot up a municipal synagogue is Jewish, and his grandpa survived the Holocaust. Before police intervened, Matthew Mahrer, 22, and Christopher Brown, also 22, allegedly planned to purchase a gun, “shoot up a synagogue and die,” according to their criminal complaints. They were both arraigned on weapons-related counts on Saturday night.

“I didn’t expect him to get involved in something this serious. Do you realise he is Jewish? Stuart Rubenstein, Mahrer’s maternal grandpa, remarked, “It’s astonishing. “I’m not sure how he became involved. The other youngster was more engaged. He must have been persuaded to do it by the other kid.

According to Rubenstein, Mahrer’s paternal grandpa survived the Holocaust. In a series of tweets, Brown announced his plans to make “major movements,” setting off a search by the NYPD and federal officials. “My personality is unhealthy. After being apprehended on Friday night, he told police that he intended to commit himself by blowing his brains out.

During his hearing on charges related to terrorism and weapons, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Alexander Bourdakos stated that Brown admitted to being a white supremacist and had made multiple online comments implying or boasting about violence.

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Mahrer was one of his disciples, and he allegedly informed the prosecutors. A copy of “The Turner Diaries,” a 1978 book commonly touted by white supremacist terrorists like Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, was found in Brown’s Long Island residence, according to authorities. Brown purchased a gun in Pennsylvania.

After publishing his plans on his now-defunct Twitter account, Brown and Mahrer were caught at Penn Station late on Friday night. Prosecutors claim that on November 12, Brown tweeted, “Big moves being made on Friday,” which marked the beginning of a troubling series of tweets.

He tweeted on Thursday, “Gonna ask a Priest if I should become a husband or shoot up a synagogue and die,” then on Friday, “This time I’m going to do it,” according to the prosecution. The tweets and others prompted authorities to search far and wide for Brown. He and Mahrer were apprehended by Metropolitan Transportation Authority police on Friday at 11:50 p.m. after authorities issued a wanted poster.

Around 11 p.m., police discovered a bag containing a Glock-style handgun, a large-capacity magazine, and seventeen 9-mm rounds in Mahrer’s Upper West Side apartment building’s lobby. As Brown and Mahrer entered the facility about 45 minutes earlier, a video captured Mahrer carrying the bag.

According to the criminal complaint, Brown carried a swastika arm patch, a ski mask, and a vast 8-inch military-style knife with a blade longer than 4 inches when police apprehended the pair. He admitted to investigators, “It took me three years to ultimately buy the rifle.” Matt is a supporter of mine. Nazi memorabilia is present in my home. I find it to be quite remarkable. Additionally, I run a white nationalist Twitter group.

According to the complaint, Brown claimed he and Mahrer met at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown before purchasing the firearm because he “wanted to obtain the blessing.” According to the complaint, Brown gave Mahrer $650 via Cash App to buy a rifle from “Jay,” a friend of Mahrer who transported the two to his home in Pennsylvania.

According to the lawsuit, Brown claimed, “I changed my mind because I was afraid of the cops and didn’t want the pistol anymore, but Matt bought it from Jay nevertheless.” “I was present when Matt purchased the firearm from Jay. We were having fun with the gun. I handed Matt the revolver while still holding it, and he put it in his book bag. We returned to Manhattan via car.

He is accused of making a terroristic threat and of having multiple weapons in his hands. Brown was ordered jailed without bail after making an appearance in Manhattan Criminal Court on Sunday morning while sporting a camouflage puffer jacket and blue pants.

According to Bourdakos, the assistant district attorney, “Brown made statements online in November 2021 about wanting to commit “police suicide,” physically attacking a transgender person in the past, and being very pleased of being “excellent at raping women.”

According to Brown’s Legal Aid Society attorney Arthur Mendola, he has no prior convictions and works at an animal sanctuary. Thus he should be released on the same bail as Mahrer. Mahrer, charged with possessing a weapon late Saturday night, was ordered to be jailed on a $150,000 cash bail or $300,000 bond.

Given that internet postings suggested a desire to use these weapons against a Manhattan synagogue, a potential tragedy was avoided when they were stopped by police at Penn Station, according to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Deplorable hostile anti-Semitic targeting of synagogues.

I appreciate the swift action of our law enforcement allies, the NYPD and FBI, in catching these people before they could launch an attack. Mahrer’s grandfather expressed his surprise that his grandson became involved in such a scheme to the Daily News on Sunday. Nothing similar has ever been hinted about, he claimed. He is a good guy who struggles with his health.