Yellow Out

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By Abby Bishop

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The purpose of this month is to raise concerns and awareness about the common cancers that affect the lives of children and to help raise funds for research and support of the families of the patients. The awareness color is gold.

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, on September 23rd at the home football game, McDonald County High School will be hosting a “Yellow Out the Stands for Childhood Cancer.” To show your support, wear a yellow shirt or some other yellow article of clothing to the game. Your support and understanding for this event is greatly appreciated.

According to American Child Cancer Organization, every three minutes, a child in some part of the world is diagnosed with one of the twelve types or innumerable subtypes of cancer. Of the 15,780 children in the US under the age of 21 diagnosed with cancer, about 25% of them will not survive. Most cases are not discovered until after the cancer has metastasized and spread to other parts of the body. However, in the last 20 years, only two new medicines have been developed to treat childhood cancer. Doctors cannot simply just lower dosages of adult treatments because children’s bodies are not as developed as that of an adult.

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