Food, Fun and Face Painting

dsc00945Brantley Sanders, age two, in awe of the passing train. Photographed by Kenzi Pendleton.

By Kenzi Pendleton, Alisha Dziennik and Ky Hopkins

Wednesday, September 7, 2016, marked the day for McDonald County’s Annual Football Homecoming Parade: “Meet Me Downtown”. The parade began at 7pm and proceeded until 7:45pm. It was forty-five minutes of decorative floats and candy tossing, but the real fun was the time just before the parade. Many different school clubs and county businesses had tents set up where they were selling food, drinks, and desserts.

One of the school clubs set up, the Art Club, was doing face painting and giving away balloons. The Art Club, sponsored primarily by Mrs. Bergen, had children waiting rather impatiently to get the spirited paintings all over their faces. One of the children, Brantley Sanders, strolled away from the Art Club showing off his three face paintings.


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