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Food For Thought


By Alexus Brock and Mary Smith

In a reality where society seems to enclose the individual in a mold of generic thoughts, 30 seconds of one’s opinion is priceless. We’ve interviewed a collection of your staff and classmates while asking all of them one constant question. “If you had 30 seconds, and could say anything for the entire world to hear, what would you say?” Good luck procrastinating on that one. Not every person interviewed was included in this article. This is not due to lack of thought, creativity, or imagination as their opinions are different. We’ve included interviews that parallel each other to illustrate the unique differences between your peers. This exercise is a true demonstration of the character within your friends and family in the scope of a single sentence. One must choose their words wisely.

Mrs. Stancell:

“I would hope that everyone out there regardless of race, religion, location realizes that there is no God out there that would choose for us to harm each other and to hurt each other, and any entity that someone chooses to worship surely wants us to love one another, help each other, and do the best we can to promote our World.”

Mrs. Scoville:

“I think if I had one thing to say to the entire world it would be to guard your reputation. Your reputation precedes you and follows you wherever you go, your reputation gets you into places you need to be.”

Vianna Hackett:

“Just be yourself. Learn how to be yourself and don’t go off what other people do. You have to be your own person, so many people try to be everyone else That’s not how you’re supposed to live your life, because once those people are gone. Who are you going to be?

Adrian Marcos:

“If I had 30 seconds to talk to everyone in the world, I’d say I appreciate them for respecting people with disabilities.”

We’ve started a process of sharing thoughts for you, how will you continue the idea? You shouldn’t have to wait for someone to interview you to develop your own thoughts on world issues. Discussing the tough topics with your friends will bring a fresh perspective to your friendships, relationships, and opinions. It doesn’t hurt to find out more about the various cultures and ideologies of those around us. So go ahead and talk to the world. You will find that just 30 seconds is enough to change everything, but you have a lifetime worth of ideas to share. So get started.

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