Pokemon Problems

By Eleasha Frederick

The new Pokemon Go video game has brought Pokemon into the real world to get trainers of every age out into the world to catch Pokemon, which is a wonderful idea since everyone is getting out there and walk around, breathe the fresh air and interact with other trainers. Unfortunately, that hasn’t always been the case. Students are leaving class to find a Poke-Stop or hatch an egg. They aren’t paying attention to their surrounding and walking into the streets, onto people’s property and most aren’t even walking but instead they use their vehicles to travel instead of walk like the game was made for. People  are getting hit by vehicles because the walker isn’t watching their surroundings. There have been many reports on Fox, NBC, NY Daily and even news reports in Japan. Even Twitter has erupted with over 4000 tweets about accidents related to people driving while playing, pedestrians walking into the road without knowing it, or people just standing in the road to catch a Pokemon.


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