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Top 5 Players in Division I College Football

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By:Matthew Crowder

1. Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson Tigers- Last year’s Heisman finalist Deshaun Watson is 6-foot-3, 215 lbs and  is now a senior coming back after a 45-40 loss in last years championship game against Alabama. Watson showed a lot of potential with his great arm strength and the ability to run with his legs to keep plays alive. He is great pocket passer and excellent when it comes to being under pressure with because he utilizes with his quick speed to juke out defenders. Watson also has a solid back behind him. Wayne Gallman, a 6-foot-1 190 pound junior, is a stud a running back to hand or pass the ball off to if or when Watson doesn’t want to play it himself. Watson could lead Clemson back in the top 4 and chase a back-to-back championship route.

2.Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU Tigers- Leonard Fournette, a 6-foot-1, 235 lbs junior star running back, is powerful, smart, and quick-minded. He can run the ball and catch it out of the backfield tremendously. After he gets the ball, he plows through defenders with his 235 lbs, heading straight towards the end zone. He has good blocking techniques for quarterback Brandon Harris, who likes to run the ball as well. Fournette is a special type of guy who will come back this season after being shy of a Heisman Trophy and lead the LSU Tigers to a bowl game.

3.Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford Cardinal- McCaffrey is a junior that is 6 foot, 197 lbs. His dad, Ed McCaffrey, played receiver for the Denver Broncos during the 1995-2003 seasons. Christian McCaffrey is a quick back that can do anything on the field the coach will ask him to do. He was a Heisman candidate last year for his all purpose yards on the field. He is too quick with his jukes, agility, and hurdling over defenders, that tacklers struggle to bring him down that easily. He returned punts, kick-offs, ran the ball, received the ball, and even played a little bit of quarterback in the 2015 season. He even passed Barry Sanders in all purpose yards with 3,864 yards.

4. Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia Bulldogs- Junior Nick Chubb stands 5-foot-10, 228 lbs and is coming back after a season-ending knee injury midway through last season. Chubb is a Heisman favorite that could win the trophy if he stays healthy throughout the year. He is a small but beast back that runs and shakes through tackles with his strength. He has good ball skills, running and receiving the ball. He is going to have a good next two seasons with Georgia if he keeps his knee from getting blown out again.   

5.Charles Harris, DE,OLB, Missouri Tigers- Junior Charles Harris is 6-foot-3, 225 lbs. With and since his freshman year at Mizzou, he has been disruptive in the backfield for many opponents. He had 18.5 tackles for a loss last season in SEC play. He is working with a great defense that has a lot of veterans such as Arian Penton at corner and Michael Scherer, a lead tackler for Mizzou. Charles Harris is a big dude that beats tackles one-on-one and can get to the quarterback with ease for a sack or knock the running back down for a loss in the backfield. He gets his big paws up and block passes at the line of scrimmage, intercepts passes as a linebacker, and causes a lot of forced fumbles, with his hard hitting that ended up being scores for Mizzou. Harris is a underrated defensive end for Mizzou that could be a great prospect in the future for a NFL team. Charles Harris can be a big impact for Mizzou for the next couple years with his disruptive playing on opponents offenses, especially for being in the country’s best conference; the SEC.

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