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Super Bowl 51 Predictions

By Bo Pierce

The NFL season has kicked off and is in its 4th week; now even though it’s a little early in the season, I’m sure everybody has their predictions for the Super Bowl. There are only 5 teams who are undefeated going into the first quarter of the season: Minnesota Vikings, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, and Baltimore Ravens. But how long will these teams keep their perfect record? Will they take their record to the playoffs and win it all? These are my predictions of the NFC and AFC:

NFC Predictions                                                   

NFC North                                                               


Packers 11-5                                                          

Lions 11-5                                                                

Vikings 10-6                                                           

Bears 1-15                                                              


NFC South                                                                 


Panthers 8-8                                                              

Buccs 8-8                                                                  

Falcons 5-11                                                              

Saints 2-14                                                                 


NFC West                                                               


Rams 13-3                                                                 

Seahawks 10-6                                                          

Cardinals 8-8                                                              

49ers 4-12                                                                  


NFC East                                                                   


Eagles 13-3                                                                   

Cowboys 12-4                                                                 

Redskins 7-9                                                                    

Giants 4-12                                                                         


NFC Seed                                                                  

  1. Eagles                                                            
  2. Rams
  3. Packers
  4. Panthers
  5. Cowboys
  6. Lions


NFC Playoffs                                 

NFC Wildcard Round

#6 Lions VS #3 Packers

#5 Cowboys VS #4 Panthers


NFC Divisional Round

#4 Panthers VS #1 Eagles

#3 Packers VS #2 Rams


NFC Championship

#2 Rams VS #1 Eagles


NFC Champion

#1 Eagles


AFC Predictions

AFC North


Steelers 13-3

Bengals 8-8

Ravens 7-9

Browns 4-12


AFC South


Texans 11-5

Colts 10-6

Titans 5-11

Jaguars 2-14


AFC West


Broncos 14-2

Chiefs 13-3

Chargers 6-10

Raiders 4-12


AFC East


Patriots 13-3

Dolphins 9-7

Bills 6-10

Jets 2-14


AFC Playoffs

AFC Wildcard Round

#6 Colts VS #3 Steelers

#5 Chiefs VS #4 Texans


AFC Divisional Round

#5 Chiefs VS #1 Broncos

#3 Steelers VS #2 Patriots


AFC Championship

#3 Steelers VS #1 Broncos


AFC Champion

#3 Steelers


Super Bowl 51


#1 Eagles VS #3 Steelers


Super Bowl 51 Winner

#1 Eagles

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