Destiny: Rise of Iron Review


By Leevi Rogers and Jacob Cullum

Do you want to be an Iron Lord? Well millions of guardians descended from orbit to claim the title Iron Lord. On September 20, 2016, Rise of Iron was released for Destiny. The fourth DLC produced for the predicted five year game, Destiny. Rise of Iron has ten missions, three strikes, and one raid called wrath of machine.

The story is interesting with a few good turning points. For the campaign side of the mission being five missions, it was rather fun. It was pretty good at getting your attention at the beginning with Sepiks coming back to life in the first mission as well introducing SIVA. Sepiks were good at getting you interested in doing the new strikes. As you play through the rest of the missions, it constantly gives you hints to what SIVA can do and how strong it is. The Fallen used it for bioengineering and to further their skills. In the end, the true goal of the small campaign is to hype you up for the new raid and the turning point in the story.

The new raid “Wrath of the Machine” is pretty great, a good mix of challenge and fun. To start, you need to get on top of the wall now I missed the next bit because I was afk* (not present). But generally you get moving on a siege engine, eventually you end up shooting at it and damaging it enough that it will activate its self destruct and you have to replace parts for the siege engine’s well… engine; however you can only carry the parts for so long and after carrying them you have to wait for exhaustion to wear off. Next is some pretty boring stuff until you reach the boss and fight him. I’ll let you figure the boss out for yourself. There’s more new things in Destiny than just a raid.

First off we have an entire new social area called the Iron Temple, sitting atop Tellwinter peak. We also got an entire new patrol zone as mentioned earlier in the article, a torn landscape filled with fallen splicers and hive all ready to fill you with whatever ammo it is they use. Next is the Archon’s Forge a gauntlet of enemies that if completed will lead to legendary tier weapons and armor.  We got a new game mode for the crucible as well, supremacy, guardians can now go head to head to steal crests from the enemy team, or from any player in the match in the rumble version of the match type. There are also plenty of new strike missions two of which are new versions of year 1 strikes. There’s sepiks perfected, wretched eye, and abomination heist.

In the end, the additional content for the game was well thought out and made you look to other parts of the the game and didn’t focus on a single part of the game but, also highlighted its main selling point, “Wrath of the Machine”. The expansion was an excellent addition to the destiny franchise and a very enjoyable one at that. We are looking forward to the coming festival of the lost, sparrow racing league, and Destiny 2 when it releases.


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