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Missouri Tigers Comeback Season?


By Matthew Crowder

The Missouri Tigers are my favorite college football that I hope can make a comeback season after having a record of 5-7, losing all their seven games against highly talent SEC teams last season. Gary Pinkel who is definitely going to the College Football Hall of Fame for is great success as a head coach for 9 years in Toledo and most of his coaching with Mizzou for 14 years. He told his players last year that he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease and will decide to retire to have treatment for the illness. The players were all sad to hear that Coach Pinkel would not be there next year to coach the Tigers, but by the end of the year they kept playing and went to a bowl game beating Minnesota and chanting their head coach’s name with his last, final victory.



Yes, I believe that Missouri will have a decent year with their new coaching staff and players coming back from last years not-so-good year. They need to improve on offense, but defensively they are great right now. So far the Missouri Tigers this year without Gary Pinkel, are 2-2 right now, but still have a lot of games they can win before their season ends. After losing week one to West Virginia; 11-26 which was a horrible loss opening up their season. They came back after visiting West Virginia, winning week two against Eastern Michigan, 21-61, then played Georgia, a good SEC team and lost 28-27, by one point in the fourth quarter due to five turnovers committed in that game by Mizzou. They then came back week 4 setting a record performance by most scored points in a game and Drew Lock throwing for 402 yards and 5 touchdown passes. They played Delaware State and shut out the Hornets, 0-79. They played the LSU Tigers who are 2-2 as well after the firing of head coach Les Miles and offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron because their offense wasn’t putting up any points. Interim Head Coach Ed Orgeron came into Baton Rouge without star running back Leonard Fournette and was still overcome to get the victory against Missouri, 7-42. Mizzou is already 2-3 losing two games against SEC teams, which was their problem last year. Mizzou plays this week in “the Swamp”  against a good 4-1 Florida Gators team who is ranked 18 in the top 25 poll. Mizzou could really use this SEC win to get things going for them on their difficult schedule.

The Tigers are coming back after a 5-7 season losing all 7 games against SEC teams. Mizzou lost to one of the best coaches in football;  Gary Pinkel who retired for Mizzou that year because he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Their starting quarterback Maty Mauk was suspended the whole season last year for disobeying campus rules, he then was dismissed from the campus and was sent to Eastern Kentucky. Drew Lock, filled in as a Freshman was the starter that year learning the position in college after a 5-7 record last year.

Mizzou signed new head coach Barry Odom, who was a former linebacker at Missouri. They also got new defensive coordinator, DeMontie Cross from the TCU Horned Frogs. Now, Drew Lock is back this year as a sophomore ready to clean up the messy offense their team led last year with a new coaching system led by Barry Odom who is seeking to help Mizzou from last years drought in SEC play.

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