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Book Review: Hush Hush

By Tierra Welch

Nora Grey hasn’t been the same since her dad died six months before her sophomore year of high school. When her biology teacher decides to change their seating chart, she is now sitting next to the senior transfer, Patch. He already knows too much about her, from her favorite kind of music to just how to get under her skin; however, she soon receives an assignment that forces her to learn more about the arrogant bad boy next to her. Her assignment has her stepping into a local bar, Patch’s usual hangout. There’s something not right about him, and she’s determined to find out exactly what. Her best friend, Vee, is attacked, the attacker thinking she was Nora. She swears she hears his voice in her head. What does this mean? Vee is blaming Patch for the attack on her. The dots are slowly clicking together. Nora finds Patch’s transcripts; they’re blacked out. Who is Patch Cipriano? What is he? During a rainy night in a seedy motel, she will get the answers she’s looking for, but that’s not all, somewhere between blaming him for the attacks and finding out who he is…. she falls for him. Literally.

Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush is absolutely amazing. You will be sucked into a world of Fallen Angels, Nephilim, and normal humans that are oblivious to the war raging before them. There’s betrayal, plot twists, and romance. You will be questioning everything until the very last page. It deserves five stars out of five. I cannot explain how much I love this book.

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