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Fall is here…


 By Bailey Sherrell

I dislike fall….But, YOU might like it. Weirdo. Kidding, but fall is here and that brings colorful leaf piles, Thanksgiving, Halloween, cool winds, dark nights and warm coats. What I do love about fall is that I don’t have to mow, and Thanksgiving has the best food ever. I start drinking hot chocolate regularly and it’s just one season closer to Christmas. Oh duh, who could forget about Halloween!

Tristen Hands, a freshmen, says,”What I don’t like about fall is the cold”, but she says, “I like Halloween and Christmas.”

Malachi Colon, a sophomore, says, “I like fall. The temperature is nice and it’s a good season to hang out with friends. It makes the mood better.”

With all these things coming up, people are ready to start their fall season with it’s cold, bone chilling, horrid winds that make it harder to get out of our warm, comfy beds. You should already know how I feel about upcoming Winter. So who’s ready for this fall season? Not me, but whatever, more fuzzy blankets I guess.

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