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NBA 2K17 Review

kd-1200x827By Meny Martinez and Trey Crosby

The next installment of NBA 2k is here, and everyone has an opinion about MyPark, MyTeam, and just to regular Play Now. 2k Players everywhere rejoice as this year’s installment promises new and cool ideas from their different player archetypes, new dance moves, signature introductions, 3D shoes scanner, new MyTeam cards, and new MyTeam card collecting setup, and especially the updated Play Now roster (just so you know if you use the Golden State Warriors you’re soft).

Sunset Beach, Rivet City, and OldTown have of course made a return being now consider to be the forever lasting parks for 2k. In all honesty we dominate MyPark players were slightly disappointed with the color scheme and graphics they chose this year, but we’re pleased on how they nerfed sauce gods and “I’ll make anything in your face” guards. Not going to lie we’ve seen so many bricks at park we think people are building houses. Other than that everything seems great.

MyTeam this year is better than ever according to die hard MyTeam players, like the popular Youtuber CashNasty. This year 2k has brought in new cards to add to your team, and they seem to being adding new cards every week this week they added the sauciness of rookie Allen Iverson and throwback Jamal Crawford. MyTeam this year also brought new card levels, which include Bronze,Silver, Gold, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pink Diamond. In the previous 2k, it was just Bronze, Gold, Amethyst, Diamond. Rest in peace Amethyst. Beware if you’re new to MyTeam 10/10 almost everyone already has teams composed of high tier cards, but good thing there is a skill based matchmaking in 2k.

Play Now, MyPark, MyTeam whatever you play on 2k, we guarantee you’ll have good competitive fun except if you do two things:

1. Remember if you pick the Warriors you’ll get the hands
2. If you play with Carlos Sanchez in Park just accept the Ls you’re going to take.

Other than that NBA 2K17 is a great game, and there is more to come.

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