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The Rams, A New City, A New Beginning?

By: Luke Boze


The Rams started in Cleveland Ohio as the Cleveland Rams in 1936, they only had one successful year in Ohio and that was their last year in Ohio when they won the National Championship in 1945. After the 1945 season, the Rams moved across the country to Los Angeles and became the Los Angeles Rams. After moving to LA, the Rams became very successful have 32 winning seasons in the 48 seasons they were there. The Rams decided to move to St. Louis Missouri after the 1994 season. The move was motivated by a decline in success near the end of their stay in LA, and fans blaming ownership for the lack of success.

The Rams move did not help their success until around the 1999 season. Success was the product of an offense nicknamed “The Greatest Show on Turf”. The Rams offense was most successful during the seasons of 1999-2001 as they won a Super Bowl against the Tennessee Titans and they made another Super Bowl appearance where they lost to the New England Patriots.

#52 Mike Jones tackles Titans receiver #87 Kevin Dyson at the one yard line on the last play of the Super Bowl.

There seems to be a pattern with the Rams. History shows that when their success starts to dwindle in a city they move. After the move they seem to have success in a new city. When they moved to Los Angeles from Cleveland they had several winning seasons in a row, when they moved to St. Louis in 1994 they won a Super Bowl after three seasons in the new city. Now they have moved again, this time back to Los Angeles. The question is whether or not the pattern will continue.Los Angeles downtown buildings at night

The first game of the season didn’t go well for the Rams; they lost the first game of the season to the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 28-0. The first week is always the hardest for a struggling team. They have a new quarterback and a new offense, and it didn’t seem to work for them. It was a struggle for them and it didn’t look as if the pattern of success in a new city would continue. I watched the game and after I thought that the Rams were going to be one of the worst teams again this year. However, the next three weeks went well for them. They surprised everyone week 2 as they beat the Seattle Seahawks 9-3. I believe that the Rams will continue their pattern of winning games in a new city, it may take them awhile to get back to being a Super Bowl contender, but it looks as if it will happen for the Rams in the near future. Hopefully, they can continue to improve and continue the pattern of success in a new city.

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