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Peyton Barton; Play Of The Game? More Like Play Of The Year.

By Lucas Boze

It will be a night that will be remembered for along time. When our MCHS Varsity football team played East Newton High School,  it was the coldest game that we have played this year, and it was in East Newton. Even though it was under 55 degrees and over 40 minutes away, our MCHS student section went to support our guys.

Though the game didn’t go our way, there were several amazing plays made by our Varsity team. There were great catches, great blocks, kick returns for touchdowns, and much more. Even with all of those great things, none of them were the play of the game. The play that was, will be remembered by all who saw it, and that one spectacular play was the product of hard work, talent, and determination. It was the player that had all of those attributes who made it happen, that player is starting Varsity quarterback Peyton Barton.

It was nearing the end of the first half when head coach John Diehl called a timeout. There was 6.03 seconds left in the half and there is no doubt that Coach Diehl, the players, and the fans wanted to score before the end of the half. The timeout ended and the offense took the field ready to score, when the ball was snapped we could tell it was going to be a Hail Mary. The East Newton pass rush overpowered our offensive line and Peyton was forced to break the pocket, and once he started running there was no stopping him.

Peyton is possibly one of the most gifted athletes on our football team, and every bit of that athleticism showed on that one play. Peyton ran down the field juking what seemed to be half of the players on the East Newton defense and running over the other half. Peyton showed why he got the starting quarterback job. He showed great vision and amazing change of direction skills. He was also helped that he got some great blocks from his receivers and linemen.

Peyton’s run seemed to give the team some momentum going into halftime. When the second half started it was clear that the adrenaline was still pumping from his run. His run gave the team the momentum it needed to continue fighting. 

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