Color Rush Uniforms, Huge Success, or Huge Failure?

By Luke Boze

The color rush uniforms are a new concept the NFL is trying. Each team has its own color rush uniform. The uniforms are a solid color specific to a certain team, when they wear the uniforms the are dressed in the team’s preferred color from head to toe.tyrod-taylor_pg_600

The color rush uniforms are a topic that has a wide range of opinions, some seem to think that they look nice, others think that they look ridiculous. After the first color rush game was played people were raving. There were people that were angry because they couldn’t tell the teams apart, those people being color blind. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal except that the teams that played were the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills. It wasn’t because people didn’t like the Jets or Bills, it was because their color rush uniforms were green and red, two colors that are indistinguishable to a color blind person.

I personally believe that the color rush jerseys are pretty cool, depending on the team that wears them. On the other hand, some of the color rush jerseys are just plain awful, for example the Jacksonville Jaguars have one of the worst color rush uniforms. Their jerseys are a combination of brown and gold. It is a color that shouldn’t even be allowed to be a color, yet it is the color that the Jaguars chose.USP NFL: TENNESSEE TITANS AT JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS S FBN USA FL

Other teams however, made great decisions when picking their color rush uniforms. Teams like the Rams, 49ers, Ravens, and Steelers came up with some of the coolest uniforms. There are other teams that have great color rush uniforms, and others with awful jerseys like the Jaguars, but overall the color rush jerseys were a good idea and people seem to enjoy them. Even though some disagree about the uniforms, it is good to see that the NFL is incorporating new ideas into the game.1f6f2be0-4be9-47da-a77a-d70be4abec7e


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