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10 Video Games for Halloween

outlast2By Jacob Collum

1. Outlast

Outlast follows the tale of Miles Upshur an investigative reporter looking into an anonymous email tipping him off about horrible experiments being run on the patients and criminally insane inmates. He arrives to find the Asylum completely overrun and filled with corpses.

2. Until dawn

Ever wanted to control the fate of a slasher film? Well when eight friends gather at a mountain retreat, you’ll get your chance. Control the fate of eight characters as they survive a psycho killer’s onslaught and discover the dark secret of the mountain.

3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent  

Welcome to Castle Brennenberge, you play as Daniel… that’s  all you remember. Explore the castle and discover what lies within. Oh and… no leaving.

4. Soma

Do you love deep dark water with everything in it trying to kill you? Good you’ll love Soma the survival horror taking place deep in the ocean with A LOT of weird machine related plot so have fun with that.

5. Silent Hill Series

An empty town shrouded in fog, this is the setting for one of the best survival horror games of all time. Just prep for plenty of disturbing imagery.

6. Siren: Blood Curse

Creepy abandoned villages are a theme in horror and this game is definitely no exception. This game revolving around multiple characters and the mother of all curses is sure to chill you to the bone… also Asian horror is usually good  as it’s physical and psychological, so give it a try.

7. Dead by Daylight

Killer or survivor, hunt or be hunted,  it’s your choice. You have a range of killers and survivors to choose from all with their own abilities.

8. Dead Space 1 or 2

Engineers never have any luck in sci-fi horror, Isaac Clarke is no exception. Moral of his tale, don’t repair a ship that’s completely silent; you may just die trying.

9. Alien: Isolation

Continuing the theme of sci-fi engineers, meet Amanda Ripley. Does that name sound familiar? It should as her mother was Ellen Ripley from the Alien films. Amanda became just like her mom, an engineer… hunted by aliens.

10. Resident evil 1 and 4 HD

The first Resident Evil takes place in an abandoned mansion where the dead don’t stay that way for very long. The fourth entry in the series takes place in a remote little village in Europe; let’s just say the villagers have something on their minds, or rather in them.

Bonus: Siren Blood Curse

This episodic scare-fest emphasizes stealth mainly. Taking place in a run down village in Japan under a nasty curse.

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