A New Quarterback Given the Reins

By Matthew Crowder

During last years Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos beat a good Carolina Panthers, who 
went 15-1 and was predicted to win the Super Bowl. In the end, Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller made some good plays on defense to get them their third Lombardi trophy in Broncos history. 

Last year, Peyton Manning, a veteran and future Hall of Fame quarterback, was their 
starter; however after the season, he decided to call it quits after his second Super Bowl ring. After Manning rode off into the sunset, they had 6’7 Brock Osweiler, who sat behind Manning for 4 seasons. Osweiler was supposed to be their potential starter, but he decided to take more money to go and play for the Houston Texans. He was offered a 72 million dollar deal and took it, with no hesitation. 
The next quarterback on their roster was third stringer, Trevor Semien, who sat behind Manning for 2 seasons. Trevor Semien had not started a single regular season game during his career with Denver, so he had a lot to make up before they would let him start at quarterback in the regular season. The 2016 draft was around the corner and the Broncos selected a quarterback, Paxton Lynch from Memphis in the 1st round to compete with Trevor Semien at the starter for quarterback. Trevor Semien and Paxton Lynch both played in all 4 preseason games before the regular season and both showed a lot of enthusiasm as to which one wanted to be  the starter, so head coach Gary Kubiak made a tough decision into letting Trevor start since Paxton Lynch was only a rookie and needed to learn a little bit more about the position in the NFL. Trevor Semien in the regular season is now playing great, leading a better offense than what they had last year. Because of that Denver is now 4-1 in the AFC, tied with a young Oakland Raiders team. The Broncos have a lot to make up for on their schedule, but are looking pretty solid for another Super Bowl route. Watch out for Denver, New England, as the Super Bowl LI(51) is being held in at the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas.

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