A Shocking Team in the NFC North

By Matthew Crowder

The Minnesota Vikings are having one of the best seasons as a team so far at 5-0, the only undefeated team left in the NFL, here’s why. Quarterback Sam Bradford was picked up before the season from the Philadelphia Eagles. Vikings starter Teddy Bridgewater suffered a season ending ACL tear and a dislocated knee during a non-contact practice. The Vikings have top receiver, Stefon Diggs out for a little bit with a groin injury. Their beast running, back Adrian Peterson is out with a knee injury and is predicted to come back during week 11. So, right now newly added QB Sam Bradford is leading the 5-0 Vikings in the NFC North against a incredible team in their division who leads most of their conference every year:  The Green Bay Packers who are struggling because of their beat up cornerbacks on defense, which is the reason why the Vikings are playing with a lot of guts and confidence right now because they’re ahead in their division. Minnesota also opened up their new, 975 million dollar U.S. Bank stadium before the season started which could be an advantage on why they are winning their home games so far.

Even though the Vikings are 5-0 I predict they will at least lose 2 or 3 games because of the lack of Adrian Peterson who helps them on the run game and Stefon Diggs who is their go-to-guy in the passing game. But, as long as Minnesota and head coach, Mike Zimmer  keep their heads high during the rest of their season and hope for the best for their injured players and that they will be back and ready to finish a strong season for the Vikings who now have a potential chance at being in the top of their division towards the end a successful season.

The Vikings have been to the playoffs 26 times, which is third best in their league. On the downfall they have made it to 4 Super Bowls losing all of them. I guarantee that Minnesota will it make to the playoffs and maybe for a fifth Super Bowl appearance for Adrian Peterson who has been in the league for 9 seasons and hasn’t won a ring yet even though he deserves one with his fantastic play in Minnesota. Can Minnesota survive and stay ahead of Green Bay until they get all their players from injury back, or will they come up short and lose a chance of going playoffs?


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