Football Sports

The Cleveland Browns, A Winless Team in Ohio

By Matthew Crowder

Are the Cleveland Browns ever going to have a good season for the city of Ohio and their fans? Probably not. They already have the ugliest uniforms in football with no logo on their helmets, just a helmet with brown and an orange color; however, that is not enough for the Browns. They have also been the worst team in the NFL over the past 20 seasons. They did go to a Super Bowl surprisingly, but are tied, winless in Super Bowl history among the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars (who are also projected as the 2nd worst team in the NFL) and the Houston Texans for non-Super Bowl victories.

Over the offseason, they picked up Robert Griffin III, who was a quarterback for the Washington Redskinsn and had great success in college with the Baylor Bears. However, ever since RG III stepped on to the football field, he is always getting injured every season, which led to the Redskins  getting rid of him. Cleveland made a big mistake by picking him up because now he is out with a shoulder injury, which could keep him from playing for the rest of the season . In the 2016 draft, they didn’t select top quarterback prospects Carson Wentz who is playing successfully in Philly or Jared Goff who has yet to start for the new Los Angeles Rams football team but pretty soon he will get the call up to starting quarterback here later on in the season if Case Keenum starts making bad decisions with the ball..

Cleveland in the draft traded back to the 15th pick to get wide receiver Corey Coleman from Baylor who also played with Robert Griffin in college. Coleman is also injured with a broken hand, which could leave him out for awhile. The Cleveland Browns have had chances to draft an elite quarterback from previous drafts since they were in the top of the draft pick order ranging from 1-5, but have backed away and chose another position that they didn’t need. They also found new head coach Hue Jackson from Cincinnati who was the former offensive head coach there to hopefully turn around the Browns, but honestly nobody in the history of Cleveland can change how horrible they are as a team and staff. The Browns need a big change here pretty soon in order to match up with other 32 teams, especially their division that wrecks them every year in the AFC North. Good luck Cleveland Browns in the future as you are the only team ruining Cleveland. At least they still have the Cleveland Cavaliers who are leading the city with championships led by veteran Lebron James. The Cleveland Indians are trying to turn around their baseball team playing in the World Series after a 68 year drought.

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