Football Sports

MCHS Football Seniors

By Abby Bishop

Pictured from left to right, back row:  Journey Sanny, Corvin Black, Wyatt Griffith, Kammeron Barnes, Carlos Sanchez, Kyle Hall; front row:  Will Dean, Jake Will

October 14 was the last home football game, which made it Senior Night. This year, our Mustang Football Team had seven seniors:  Jake Will, Kyle Hall, Will Dean, Carlos Sanchez, Corvin Black, Wyatt Griffith, and Kammeron Barnes. The team also received great support from their senior watergirl, Journey Sanny.

When asked what they would miss most about playing for the Mustangs, many of the boys said, “The brotherhood of the team.” I also asked the boys which other player they would miss the most. Wyatt Griffith replied, “I will miss Will Dean the most.” A few of the others agreed. The boys have big dreams after high school. Kammeron Barnes plans to attend UMKC to obtain a Master’s Degree in biology. Corvin Black aspires to attend Crowder College and Pitt State to become a coach, then return to McDonald County to coach our high school football team!

These eight individuals have made a tremendous on the rest of the team and on the school. They will be missed! In the words of Journey Sanny, “I would like to quote Coach Diehl, ‘Sweet Mother Mary and Joseph’ four years goes by fast!”

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