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The Curse is Broken; Cubs Win the World Series

By: Luke Boze

This year’s World Series was one for the history books. It was a World Series that was played by the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. The Cubs hadn’t been to a World Series since 1945, and they hadn’t won the World Series since 1908. The Indians hadn’t been to a World Series since 1997, and the last time they won the World Series was in 1948. It has been over 68 years since either one of these teams has won a World Series, so it was definitely one for the history books.cubs-world-series-champions

This World Series was a hard fought one, after six games the series was tied at three games apiece. Going into game seven the Indians had a slight advantage because it was to be played at their stadium. Though as fate would have it the Indians would not win the series, they would go onto lose game seven in the 10th inning by a score of 8-7.

For the Cubs it was a dream come true as they broke the curse that had lasted them 108 years. It was also a great day for Cubs fans as the majority have been waiting for their entire lives for a World Series win. With this win the Cubs are getting back to the form of a team that is hard to beat. Hopefully the Cubs won’t have to wait 108 years from now to win another World Series.il_fullxfull-384787583_de6o

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