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The Worst Team in the State of Florida

By: Matthew Crowder

The Jacksonville Jaguars are another one of those terrible teams playing in Jacksonville, Florida at EverBank Stadium in the NFL. The Jaguars suffer every season because they can’t get a winning record even though they play in The AFC South where Tennessee, Houston, and Indianapolis play. All 4 teams are not so good in their division averaging over less than 9 wins a season, but the Jaguars so far are described as the worst team in their division. Tied with Houston, Detroit, and of course Cleveland without a Super Bowl ring could be a good reason why the Jaguars are sitting at the bottom of the national football league at 31, in front of the Cleveland Browns at 32. I did like how general manager; Shahid Khan upgraded and spent some money on their stadium that was looking a little groggy at the time to where it looks a lot nicer now for the rest of the Jaguar fans. He also produced a new logo in 2013 with cool new uniforms on the side that are black, gold, and teal green. But, Khan needs to make improvements now on the team itself after spending a lot of money on their gear and stadium.

Every Thursday the Jaguars like to wear an all gold uniform for the color rush game that is played every Thursday night, but they are one of the ugliest uniforms out of all the 32 teams that have color rush uniforms. The Jaguars also have a tradition where they play at Wembley Stadium every year in London, England where Rugby football is played.

Quarterback Blake Bortles is a good player with a good offense led with Tj Yeldon at running back, Allen Hurns at wide receiver and Allen Robinson opposite of Hurns on the field at wide receiver, but the problem with Bortles is that he can’t protect the ball throwing at least 2 interceptions a game and 1 fumble a game that leads to points by the other team. He is a type of guy that holds the ball too long leading to getting sacked a bunch of times, which is why Bortles is leading the NFL with most sacks on offense as a quarterback since last year. Their defense needs most of the attention though because they give up over 30 points a game and no turnovers mostly every week on defense, which is why they lose all their games. In the future I think they need to fire their head coach, Gus Bradley because he is a good coach, but not good enough for a losing Jaguars team who has good players on both sides of the field, but have started to give up on every game they play because they can’t produce any points.

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