The Shakes of the Four States

By Abby Bishop

Recently in the four states area, there have been several earthquakes. Many people felt them and it has been quite a buzz around McDonald County. On Sunday night, there was an earthquake that was recorded at a 5.0. The question we are all asking ourselves here is “What is causing all of the quakes?”

earthquakes 2.png
Picture from FOX News

Many people have blamed the fracking in Oklahoma for all of the shaking. However, according to Earthquakes in Oklahoma, fracking is not entirely to blame. Wastewater disposal into untouched rock and gas pockets causing a shift in the ground. These wastewater wells are not just produced at fracturing sites, but also at oil wells. And in spite of many beliefs, the wastewater is not used fracking fluid. It is actually mostly made of saltwater that comes up with the oils and gasses that are being harvested.

Even if the mining is the cause of the earthquakes, the epicenter can be up to 10 miles or more away from the mining spot. Many earthquakes are also just simply natural. Stopping fracking and wastewater disposal will not stop the earthquakes. Granted, it may slow them, but it definitely will not stop them entirely.

Earthquakes, although somewhat dangerous and scary, are actually quite interesting. I’m sure that there will be another one very soon if you have missed the last few!

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