Basketball Sports Student Spotlights

The Life of A Basketball Manager


By Journey Sanny

      Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Hey, who is that person filling up that water bottle?” while sitting at a basketball game? Well folks, the person filling up that bottle is the team’s manager. “What is a manager?” you may ask. A basketball manager is basically the mom of the basketball team. Managers make sure the team has everything they need for the game. Managers are in charge of handing out uniforms, keeping the stats during a basketball game, filming the game, and filling up water bottles. I interviewed Riley Rickman, a senior at McDonald County High school, who manages for the McDonald County Lady Mustang Basketball team.

      Riley Rickman is a third year manager for the Lady Mustangs. I asked Riley what she does as a basketball manager and she replied, “Well, we fill up water bottles, sweep the floor, take stats, and most importantly, carry everything around for Coach Short.” I asked her what she was looking forward to most about this basketball season and she said, “The Neosho Holiday Classic because of the dunk contest.” Riley’s favorite thing about managing is getting to watch her pals play basketball. The thing she will miss most about managing is her fellow managers. Riley would like to tell her team, “You guys have made managing fun, follow your dreams.”


Riley with fellow managers: (Left to Right)  Bekah Hitt, Journey Sanny, Madison Francisco, Sydney Taylor, and Riley Rickman

Girls Bb team.JPG
Riley with her pals

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