Arts & Culture

This November


By Bailey Sherrell

This November has been slightly crazy with a twist of dread and impatience. With the election and Thanksgiving coming up, it’s hard not to be wary and exhausted. And hungry…really hungry. We all just wanted a nice, calm fall with colorful leaves and fuzzy sweaters. Nopeee. Instead we get political fights and Christmas lovers who skip over the food holiday…I mean Thanksgiving. At least a lot of good shows and movies are being added to Netflix this fall. That’s something good at least. Well everyone, lets hope for a better winter. Although I doubt it. Mostly because the freezing cold.

What do you think of this November? Are you ready for December?

“This November has been stressful with everything really crazy and I really just want it to stay chilly. I am so ready for December and can’t wait for snow, fuzzy blankets and movies. Especially dancing around in fuzzy socks!” –Allissa Brewer

“My November has had its ups and downs. I’ve had a few good days and a few bad days. I love spending this November with my friends and my sister is about to have her baby! So it’s been a pretty crazy November. I’m ready for December, not the cold days.” –Kathryn Scott

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