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Spanish Native class


By Jarely Rea

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be Latino and have the ability to speak two languages? For an answer to that question, look no further than our very own Spanish native class, a class meant for students who are bilingual, meaning they can speak both Spanish and English. Students in the class usually have origins  from other Spanish countries.In my interview, I will be talking with Arianda Morales . Here are some of the things she  had to say about this class and her experiences in it.

“Its a really good class. It’s a  more challenging class for us since we already know some Spanish. This class is a fantastic opportunity.It really opens the students’ eyes who are college bound and reassures them that they can do it on their own. As for how much credit she’ll earn,  she says “It just depends on how well we do on the test. We can get up to 3, 9, or 12 credit hours. Spanish native class really expands our understanding of the Spanish language even though we already know how to speak it correctly. Since I’m bilingual, I have a great opportunity for some good paying jobs.”


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