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Book Review: Moon Chosen


By Tierra Welch

Chosen to embrace her true identity.

Chosen to follow her destiny.

Chosen to change her world.

Technology destroyed the world, and when all the electronics went down, no one knew what to do. No one knew how to live. So there were certain people that escaped the ways of the city, away from the killing into a dangerous world of the forest.

Earth Walkers, people who try to live in peace but end up kidnapped, killed, and enslaved by their neighbors. They are bonded to the Earth to use their surroundings. But they are haunted by Night Fever, a sickness that depresses the women and makes the men violent. Each Earth Walker tribe has a Moon Women, a healer that is blessed by the Earth Goddess with the magic to wash her tribe of the Night Fever.

Companions, people who believe Earth Walkers can’t take care of themselves so they kidnap the women to work on their farms and they kill the men. They are bonded to canines such as terriers and shepherds til death tears them apart and in most cases the other soon follows. They live relatively well except they are being killed by a disease known as Blight. One little scratch they can die within days. The deeper the wound the higher chance of the Blight. Little do they know that the Earth Walkers holds the key to all their problems.

It’s impossible that these two tribes can be one, it’s impossible that these two tribes can love another. But times have changed.

Mari is an Earth Walker and the daughter of a Moon Woman, but she hides who she really is from the tribe. Mari is the one and possibly only hybrid of Earth Walker and Companion. She has gifts of both the sun and the moon. Her tribe cannot know who she really is; they’ll banish her or worse. So she hides only coming out when her hair is covered, her skin is covered, and with that her whole being. Then one night she hears a scratch at the door, no one knows where their burrow is, so she answers and it is a canine shepherd . . . her canine shepherd. They are bonded now. But the Companions aren’t letting a lost pup go, and as they search, tragedy falls upon the tribe. Death is everywhere and her mother is in the crossfire. That is what awakens her other side of her power.

Nik is a Companion and the son of the Sun Priest, the leader of the tribe. He is the Companion no one wants to be, he’s the Companion everyone feels sorry for. He doesn’t have a canine to make him a true Companion. Then one night he feels a connection with one shepherd but as fate would have it a journey to the forest floor and a distraction of the Bugs the shepherd runs away. He searches for the canine refusing to let it go and that brings him to Mari. He can see the Companion in her features and he feels a connection with her. He learns that Earth Walkers aren’t at all what they seem and he pities them. He knows that it should be impossible for Companions and Earth Walkers to love but Mari is proof that it’s not impossible.

Dead Eye is a Skin Eater, a person from the destroyed city that sacrifice animals from the forest, or in some cases Companions and Earth Walkers. He believes that he is a true God and he will not stop until he leads his people to the future they need. Even if it means marching into the forest and devouring every living soul in there.

Nik and Mari are in for a war bigger than themselves, bigger than either of their tribes but neither of their tribes will cooperate with their attempts to save their tribes. They know that their people will have to put aside their differences to win this war. Then they need to make a new world.

I absolutely love this book. I have never read anything like it, it’s unique and in it’s own class of amazing. The only negative of this book is that it’s the first book in the Tales of a New World series and the second one isn’t out yet. This is the first book I have read of P. C. Cast, but now I will definitely read more of her books her details are amazing and her imagination is unbelievable. I will give this book five stars out of five.

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