The Art of ACT


By Mary Smith

The Art of ACT

“I’m more than just a number.”

You are more than just a number. Test scores and grades don’t define your personality or tell colleges just how much you value your extracurricular activities. They do, however, define your work ethic. Even if you don’t believe that intelligence can be measured in standardized tests, how hard you are willing to work shines through like no other quality. If you are willing to put in the time to study, it shows colleges, teachers, and others just how dedicated you are to your own personal success.

The ACT is coming up this Saturday. Chances are, you haven’t studied and you’re currently panicking. If you have studied, you’re one step closer to mastering the ACT. If you don’t know about your options to study, there are several:

1. Grab a Kaplan study book from the library or a friend.

These books offer several resources from test-taking experts that can help you earn a better score. Not only do they include tips and tricks for a higher score, they offer a chance to organize a method to improve your time management.

2. Ask for help.

Our school offers an ACT Prep class that combines English and reading help in one semester and science and math in the other. On top of that, you can always ask a teacher to show you some pointers for the test. They might even be able to provide some practice problems!

3. Practice, practice, practice.

I know you get tired of hearing it, but practice will improve your score. Practice questions and tests will really help you in terms of how to handle your time and problems that require the same skills as the ones on the test. ACT Mondays are incredibly helpful and are worth the ten minutes of work that they require.

4. Take…the…test.

Speaking from experience, taking the test is one of the best ways to improve your score. I took the ACT seven times before I got a score that I was happy with. The more that you take the test, the more familiar you will be with the questions and methods. You will develop your own way of improving that will help you immensely.

Taking the ACT is not easy. Yes, you have to sacrifice four hours of your Saturday to take a difficult test. Yes, it is worth it. Taking the ACT is one of the best things you can do to prepare for your future–and remember, if you need help, ask!

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