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Top Ten Overwatch Heroes


By Jacob M. Cullum

With the recent addition to the roster of heroes in Overwatch, there is a lot of swapping of mains or in layman’s terms favorite characters to play as. So I thought I’d do a list of my personal favorites to play and my rating of their ability based on my playstyle and my opinion.

  1. Reinhardt

Reinhardt is a big tanky hammer swinging machine. His ability to block incoming enemy fire is amazing for you and irritating for the enemy. He’d be higher on the list if I liked playing tanks. He only has one ranged attack otherwise has no range at all putting him in the tenth spot on my list.

  1. Roadhog

This giant pig masked man with a hook and a shotgun is incredibly annoying if he’s on the enemy team. He has a self heal ability that restores around half his hp, and he can grab and pull you in from a decent distance with his hook and if you don’t have a very large hp amount he will one shot you. If he’s so good why is he so low on the list? He is much too easy to play, and I don’t like playing tanks.

  1. Junkrat

Junkrat is a small fellow who likes big explosions. A good Junkrat  player  is always a pain to fight. Junkrat’s main weapon is a grenade launcher that hits really really hard and anyone who can arch shots is going to play him well. He also has mines and a bear trap because why not?

  1. Soldier 76

Soldier is a basic character. He has an assault rifle with a rocket launcher attached to it, a healing field ability and a sprint ability. I don’t play soldier much myself because he feels much to basic.

  1. Sombra

This sneaky hacker is the newest addition to Overwatch’s roster. She can prevent a character from using their abilities by hacking them. She can hack enemy turrets, and healing packs. She is the best nuisance in the game, but she is only six because she needs an upgrade.

  1. Pharrah

Flying and shooting rockets everywhere, that’s Pharrah in a nutshell, and she is one of my favorite characters. Everyone in my top five all have some sort of playstyle I enjoy using. Also thunderbird skin is best skin.

  1. Zenyatta

Zenyatta is a healer who can do damage. He is he only healer I play, and he can also give enemies a negative status using a discord orb to cause the foe to take 50% more damage from Zenyatta and 25% more from his allies. Zenyatta is the best healer ever; harmony orb for days.

  1. Genji

This guy is basically your rogue. He sneaks in, kills things and runs before the favor is returned. He was overpowered due to the ability to cancel an animation by doing a basic attack or melee attack. He was nerfed (in layman’s terms they patched the game to make him weaker).His ability is no longer a thing, but he still does massive burst damage so he’s still good.

  1. Mccree

This guy is basically Clint Eastwood with a robot arm. He packs a revolver that you can fire one shot at a time for huge damage, or you can fan the hammer for close range rapid fire. He also has a stun grenade for stopping fools in their tracks. He’s also voiced by one of my favorite voice-actors Matt Mercer  

  1.  Hanzo

Hanzo is an archer, and a good one at that. He is also my main, but sadly he has an ability that is so situational that I almost never use it. What is this useless trash ability? The scatter arrow, it fires an arrow that splits into many small arrows that bounce off walls. He also has a sonar arrow that reveals the location of all enemies in range. Hanzo is also a sniper class character too, so he is the best sniper  (in my opinion).

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