2016 NFL Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Games

By:  Matthew Crowder


Instead of watching the NBA on Christmas day, the NFL is airing 4 games total on 24th and 25th on Christmas week thanks to the league agreeing on having the games on the holiday. The NFL actually hasn’t had a Christmas game since 2011 when the Bears visited the Packers in a cold Lambeau Field. After years of avoiding Christmas and putting the games on Christmas Eve every year the NFL finally agreed on putting a couple games this year on the 25th of Sunday for the football fans out there that don’t want to watch basketball that can watch football during Christmas with their families.



Here is the game preview:  on the 24th, which is a Saturday the Arizona Cardinals clash with the Seattle Seahawks in an NFC West battle in the loudest stadium, which is know as the “The 12th man”. The second game is an AFC match-up with the Cincinnati Bengals taking on the Houston Texans. And for the Christmas games which are both AFC divisional battles, the Baltimore Ravens go against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a battle of the AFC North. The Christmas night game is the another AFC battle between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs in an AFC West clash where 3 teams are trying to fight for the playoffs. They are: Oakland, Denver, and Kansas City where those teams are looking to see who will lead the division by the end of the year. Predictions on who will win those games: Seattle will win at home with their tough defense, tough pick, but  Cincinnati will pull off the upset in Houston, Pittsburgh will win at home with “Big Ben” healthy at quarterback, and my team, the Denver Broncos are going to need to play a great game on Sunday night for their own Christmas present at Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs also have very loud fans there to top with Seattle in the loudest stadium of all time. Thank you NFL for providing us all football fans with football on Christmas day!





Here is the schedule for the following football games:








Arizona Cardinals Vs. Seattle Seahawks

Saturday December 24 on Fox at 3:25 PM







Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Houston Texans

Saturday December 24 on NFL Network at 7:25 PM







Baltimore Ravens Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Sunday December 25 on NFL Network at 3:30 PM







Denver Broncos Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Sunday December 25 on NBC at 7:30 PM



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