Inked Into the Stars


By Ky Newport and Alisha Dziennik

Everyone enjoys a little astrology, even if they don’t agree with it; it’s still fun to read. So, as a Christmas treat, here’s a article about what tattoo you should get based upon your sign.

Aries: (RAM; MARCH 21- APRIL 19) This is what I would like to call an Impulsive Tattoo. You, Aries, are a very in the moment person. You’re not afraid to be who you are: Bold and Eccentric. You have no reason to be worrying yourself about the the planning of the tattoo; you need something that you can get now.

Taurus: (BULL: APRIL 20- MAY 20) I, myself am a Taurus, and I will be the first to say that we are deeply sensitive. We’re stubborn and, as the saying goes, bullheaded. As a Taurus, we’re terrified of change, and this is why tattoos are so appealing to us. Tattoos are a way of keeping something to yourself forever. The ideal tattoo for us is a relationship affirming one. Maybe a name of your best friend or a family member; just something that signifies your love will continue on.

Gemini: (TWINS; MAY 21- JUNE 21) I love the unpredictableness about you!  Ever heard the song Hot and Cold, By Katy Perry? Well, you could say you’re HOT and you’re COLD. You’re completely in love and in hate. Some people find this very unsettling, but those people are basic and scared of who you really are. You, my dear Gemini, need a tattoo that expresses the extremes of both of your personalities. Maybe the sun and the moon, since you’re both night and day. Maybe a heart or Knife, because you’re a lover and a fighter. I don’t know! You just need something to show your twin tendencies.

Cancer: (CRAB; JUNE 22- JULY 22) My deeply sensitive Cancer. You’re loyal to a fault, more so than most people. You have such a strong bond with your family because relationships mean so much to you. The ideal tattoo for you would be a family related tattoo. Maybe you want to get your siblings or parents birth date on your arm. Maybe you want to get some sort of symbol that represents them to you.

If you’re not close to your family, don’t worry. Since you’re so deeply loyal, this also makes you open to amazing friendships too. Open your mind to a friendship tattoo, something that connects you way better than a friendship necklace. After all, ink is permanent and way better than a cheap and breakable chain.

Leo:(LION; JULY 23- AUGUST 22) Leo, you are the definition of powerful. You love tattoos because they show exactly what you are. That bold self esteem, identity and strength

Because of your powerful personality, you need something bold as well. A small little word tucked away where no one will see it isn’t something for you. You need something BOLD and completely visible to everyone.

The best tattoo for you would be something completely original. Maybe something colorful that your friend has drawn up for you. Maybe something that you’ve thought of off the top of your mind. But it needs to be completely unique to you. Something that expresses your need for originality and creativity.

Virgo: (VIRGIN; AUGUST 23- SEPTEMBER 22) Virgo, you are undeniably charming. You have amazing storytelling abilities, ones that leave people’s’ imagination spinning and trying to understand the reality you’ve written. You’re a social butterfly like no other.

This is exactly what your tattoo should be, something as charming as you are. Charm is a dying art, so a Bonafide tattoo is probable the best. Maybe an anchor (you need to be rooted to the ground sometimes) or a classic homage Bettie Paige. Something with sass and frazzle, but the most of all, something with a lot of charm!

Libra: (BALANCE; SEPTEMBER 23- OCTOBER 23) Sweet little Libra, you are just that. Sweet and soft. You crave stability and balance, and this makes you the most grounded out of all the signs. In my opinion, anything soft would work for you. Flowers, soft colors,  the moon, even the sun. Your nature makes you the perfect candidate for flowers, stars, suns and moons. Because what is more beautiful and stable than the earth that you feel so connected to?

Scorpio: (SCORPION; OCTOBER 24- NOVEMBER 22) Ahhhh Scorpio. Out of all the signs, you are the most difficult. Not in a bad way, but when it comes to determining who you are. Some of you are hot headed and very much into the pleasures of life, while others are reserved and closed off. For those hot, fiery Scorpios out there, I would say you need something as hot as you. It doesn’t need to be bold or noticeable, just something that screams the fire in you. Now, for those reserved Scorpios, you need something that represents the lock and key you hold on your life. That, my friend, would be the keys to your soul.

Sagittarius: (ARCHER; NOVEMBER 23- DECEMBER 21) Sagittarius, how I love your personality. You’re beautifully intense and hyper-focused. You bring a sparkle in a dull and dreary world. However, you are afraid of commitment. That’s’ completely okay, you’re a free bird. This makes getting something that’s so permanent scary. It’s forever (what even is forever anyways) and this seems in conflict with your bold and aesthetic personality.

This is why the inner lip tattoo is great for you. I know this sounds a little weird, but it really is underrated! It quirky and fades after awhile, it’s so different that it’s great for you. It’s so unexpected and fits you– artistic, creative, intense and madly focused.

Capricorn: (GOAT; DECEMBER 22- JANUARY 19) Honestly, your organization skills are mad. Your insane intelligence and intense intuition skills are beyond compare. You have your life together (unlike myself) and I respect that. You need a tattoo that’s simple and classy just like you are.

I think you need a philosophical tattoo; something that is as deeply intelligent as you are. It can be short or long, but it needs to connect to you. And put it somewhere where you wouldn’t see it by just looking. We all know you like to keep secrets.

Aquarius: (WATER BEARER; JANUARY 20- FEBRUARY 18) You are the great humanitarian, my friend. You would fight for human equality for anyone and everything until you die. You do everything you set your mind to, and you do it so low key.

You don’t let us see you sweat; you were just born to do this. And this is why I feel you need a justice tattoo. Something that represents the equality you have within yourself, something stubble on your body. That way it can remind you to continue to fight the good fight without rubbing it in everyone’s faces. Maybe a peace sign on you inner finger, a symbol on your wrist? Just something that reminds you who you are.

Pisces: (FISH; FEBRUARY 19- MARCH 20) You have such a gentle energy, Pisces.  And this world needs that to stay relaxed. You’re compassionate and artistic and everything that I myself want to be. And this is why you need such a tattoo. You need something that no one else but you will understand. Maybe the evil eye, a bird, even a tiny flower. In order to capture you gentle energy, you need something that isn’t seen by everyone. I personally believe you can rock a behind the ear tattoo, maybe something on you ribs. Something delicate so that only people close to you will eve know you have it.



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