BIGBANG Returns!!

By Ricardo Ramirez

BIGBANG Members from left to right: TOP, Seungri, G-Dragon, Daesung, and Taeyang

Korean group BIGBANG MADE their long awaited comeback this Tuesday (KST) with two title tracks “Last Dance” and “에라 모르겠다”. Many fans across the world were waiting since last August for new material to be released by the band, their fans aka V.I.Ps have been wondering when the group’s latest Album “MADE” would be released after having an astonishing 8 singles released last year. It was finally announced after many delays on November 22nd by their label YG Entertainment that the album would be released on December 12th with three new songs along with the previous 8 singles that were released last year.  Tracks “Last Dance”  and  “에라 모르겠다” had their MVs released during the same time with the videos already having around 10 million views combine within the first 24 hours causing YouTube to have problems recording the views, other songs from the album include the new

Member TOP

track “Girlfriend” and big hits “Bang Bang Bang”, “Bae Bae”, “Loser”, and “If You”. All the songs on the album were co written by members G-Dragon (Who also co produced the songs) and TOP. As much as fans are excited by BIGBANG’s comeback, fans are also sad because this is mostly likely the last comeback for the band until further notice as the members of the group have to complete their Mandatory Military Service,  with eldest member TOP beginning his service on February of next year. If you’re
interested in listening to
BIGBANG’s  latest comeback, I will leave the links below. Enjoy!–zku6TB5NY


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