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Book Review: Cleopatra’s Moon



By Tierra Welch

The Princess of Egypt.

Prisoner of Rome.

Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony are the most brilliant, powerful rulers on Earth, but their power is stolen by the jealous Roman wife of the powerful general Mark Antony. They’re faced with the difficult decision of dying for their kingdom or staying alive for their children. As the Romans are outside their walls, they choose the decision that will change their children’s lives forever.

Cleopatra VIII, Selene, is the daughter of the last queen of Egypt, Cleopatra VII, and one of the most powerful Roman generals, Mark Antony. She’s been taken by her enemy to Rome where she watched Rome take her kingdom, her brothers killed by the Roman empire. But she chooses to follow ISIS, the great goddess of Egypt, so she can take back her kingdom. She needs to choose between love or power. Love a scholar from Rome, or use her enemy’s prince to take back Egypt. Her choice will dictate the rest of her life.

Juba is a Roman scholar originally from a distant country taken as a ward as a child. He understands Romans in a way only a true Roman would know. He grew up with the royal children; he does what he’s suppose to. Until Cleopatra Selene, a prisoner of his master, she’s nothing like he’s seen before. She questions everything, and even after watching her parents die, she doesn’t break. He feels something he never thought he’d ever feel, but he can’t act on those feelings because she’s his master’s prisoner. As she becomes closer to the Roman prince as a lover, he finds himself seeing her not as a child anymore, but as a woman. He tries to hide what he feels in fear of his master punishing her and him; but he can’t hide it forever.

Vicky Alvear Shecter puts a lovely twist to the Romans reign. I love the love story hidden in a story of death and scandals. Cleopatra is so strong by watching her whole family killed and everything she’s been through that it makes me love her more. The character development is amazing and the characters themselves are great. This book has love, betrayal, death. I would give this book five stars out of five.

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