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An Interview With The Angry Snowman

By Lucas Boze

If you’ve read Dr. Stanton’s twitter feed lately, then you’ve noticed that the Angry Snowman is back, hoping to spread his holiday havoc on the school district calendar. For those unaware of this winter time tradition, the Angry Snowman and Dr. Stanton have a long standing feud over whether snow days are a good thing or a bad thing. In an attempt to better understand this annual battle between them, I sat down with the Angry Snowman to discuss where all this animosity originated from.

LB: Mr Snowman, what exactly is your personal standing in regards to snow days?

Angry Snowman: Snow days are the light in the middle of that very dark tunnel, which students and teachers go through every winter. Snow days give the students and faculty a much needed break from their school chains and lets them have a little bit of fresh air and freedom.

LB: It does seem like you have a point…

Angry Snowman: You can’t tell me that there is nothing better than a snow day. Your parents are still at work, leaving you a day with unlimited Netflix binging and hot chocolate drinking. Tell me how life could be better than that.

LB: True, but why is there so much hate between you and Dr. Stanton? 

Angry Snowman: We have to be sworn enemies for the simple fact that Dr. Stanton doesn’t want there to be snow days.He wants the children to do something called “learning” and apparently snow days take away from it. All I want is for the children to be happy and have fun.

Many students would agree with the Angry Snowman, but some of the faculty agree with Dr. Stanton. Mr. Whitehead, an English teacher at MCHS, describes snow days as disruptive to learning.

“Everyone needs an impromptu break every once in awhile,” Mr. Whitehead said. “However, too many snow days can destroy a whole unit of learning, which is costly to our state testing scores.”

Many other teachers share the same feelings toward snow days as Mr Whitehead; however, all students want to do is skip school and stay home without getting into trouble for it. Ky Newport, a senior at MCHS says her perfect snow day consists of, “Going out to look at the fresh snow on the ground, and after I get cold I go inside and read a book.”

Ky seems to have it figured out, and I bet the Angry Snowman supports her. Hopefully, we will get to have some time with the Angry Snowman in the near future. Maybe he will bring some snow soon, so that we can have a much needed break, or maybe even a white Christmas. Regardless of what happens, I’m just excited to see the Angry Snowman and Dr. Stanton square off for another year.

If you want to see more Angry Snowman’s tweets go follow Dr. Stanton on Twitter @mustangsupt

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