Cardiac Cats

lions-playersBy Bo Pierce

If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, you’ve had your fair share of disappointing seasons and disappointing games. The Lions have never made it to a Super Bowl, they aren’t considered a dangerous threat, and other teams usually mark any game vs Detroit as a win. This year is different, the Lions are 9-4 and are the #2 Seed in the NFC Playoffs; but there is a reason they’re called the Cardiac Cats: they’ve trailed in the fourth quarter by 7 points or less 12 out of 13 times this season. 12 out of 13 games! The only other team to accomplish this feat this season is the 0-13 Browns. The Lions have won 8 of those 12 and have the record for most come-from-behinds in a single season, and all of their wins have been due to the help of MVP candidate Matthew Stafford. Most people believe the Lions fourth quarter magic will end soon, then again they’ve been saying it all season. For example, Lions at Vikings, the Lions trailed by 3 with 23 seconds left. For most teams, this is the moment they pack their bags and get ready for next week; but Detroit isn’t like any other team. Lions QB Matt Stafford threw a pass to WR Golden Tate for only 7 or 8 yards before getting out of bounds, then Stafford threw a bullet pass to WR Andre Roberts for 27 yards getting them into field goal range and taking them into overtime where they won on a 28 yard pass to Golden Tate. Another example would be the first game of the season, Lions vs Colts, the Lions trailed by 1 with 44 seconds remaining. Within two passes, a 19 yarder to RB Theo Riddick and a 9 yarder to TE Eric Ebron, the Lions were at the Colts 47 yard line. Then a short pass to WR Marvin Jones for a big pickup for 22 yards to the Colts 25 yard line. With 8 seconds remaining after an incomplete pass, Lions K Matt Prater kicked a 43 yard field goal to win the game.

Call the Lions what you want, but they have done the impossible. The only task left for the Lions is the Giants, Cowboys, and the Packers. Can the Cardiac Cats keep on winning? Or will the magic end on Sunday in MetLife Stadium?

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