Getting Into Shape

Pema Yates, MCHS Junior

By Kenzi Pendleton
One of the hottest 2016 trends buzzing around is to have natural, wide eyebrows. Thick, natural-looking eyebrows have been showing up on the faces of women from Cara Delevingne to Lily Collins. Another very popular trend is flat, “Hollywood” style eyebrows, which basically have no arch and a small curve toward the outer edge of the brow, similar to Natalie Portman’s brows.

Another ‘super trend’ started in Korea and has made it’s way to the United States; Peel-Off Eyebrow Tint. Essentially, this product was designed to be the ultimate “lazy girl hack”. Many professionals aren’t sure about that statement as the recommended time for the gel to be left on your eyebrows is a minimum of two hours. That amount of time is probably much more than the average time spent on eyebrows.

In the early Egyptian times, Ancient practices insist that a woman’s power is locked within her eyebrows. A great representation of that particular idea was Cleopatra’s bold, carbon painted brows, which inspired most women of that age to replicate her unique style.
Pema Yates, featured in the photo above, states “ Bold eyebrows are a real confidence booster and they make me feel like a goddess.”

On another note, carefully crafted eyebrows isn’t a fad specifically for females either. CoverGirl recently announced the new face of their products, and to many’s surprise it is in fact a male. His name is James Charles, he’s seventeen and is a self-taught makeup artist. You may have seen his commercial for Covergirl’s SoLashy! BlastPRO mascara promoting #LashEquality on television screens all around the country. James not only promotes equality for makeup but equality, period.

So whatever your style, rock it. Embrace your originality whether that be through clothing, makeup or whatever makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to stand out.


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