Student Writer: Rylan Lett


By Mary Smith

The following is a piece from one of our school’s student writers, Rylan Lett. This excerpt features the somber story of a man who struggles with his own emotions. Lett uses repetition to stress his theme of “feeling”. With vivid descriptions of nature and memories, this short story is reminiscent and deep.

“I’m sitting here in the grass. I can feel the tiny whiskers of cattails swaying and bouncing off my legs and back. The sky is pretty today, in its most simple form of blue. I used to feel so much in the place where I sit, but now I feel nothing. The colorless cotton candy wisps in the air are moving ever so slowly to my right. The hills still breathe life into my lungs but I feel nothing. Yesterday I saw my best friend, who I hadn’t seen in weeks, and I felt no excitement. I may have smiled, I don’t remember though. I remember feeling nothing. That same day when I came home to my wife, who had just prepared my favorite meal and raspberry cookies, I don’t remember even thanking her and honestly I don’t feel bad. At the same time, I don’t feel good. I may have smiled and greeted her in excitement, but I don’t remember. I just remember feeling nothing. So now the sun is about to set and I am about to see the most beautiful colors in the sky. I may smile, I may not. I just hope that today I feel. I hope I feel something…anything. I don’t care if something like this makes me cry or mad. I just want to feel.”
If you have a short story, poem, or song that you have written that you would like to see on The County Current, please contact Mary Smith.


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