The Tao of College Algebra

homer-blackboard-equationBy Alexus Brock

The idea that students have to face challenges within their high school careers is one that is too easily avoidable. Within McDonald County High School, students have the opportunity to choose the classes that cater to furthering their education in the best way possible. Although this sounds like a great idea in essence, too many students take advantage of this system and take the “easy way out.” As high school is our preparation for adulthood it is encouraged that students challenge themselves, and learn to conquer those challenges. This is why college algebra changed my life.

College algebra is in the one class I’m taking that makes me question “Why did I sign up for this?” Although I face challenges every single day, I understand that graphing equations is just another way to visually represent all of the areas of my life I will eventually have to “graph out.” College algebra pushes me to achieve my own success. This requires massive dedication, determination, and an entire notebook of graphing paper. This is just one small example of how the things that cause “big stress” within our lives, equates to (laugh at my pun here) big accomplishments and successes. Whether your English class challenges you, going to work, getting up for school in the morning, or even just working on your own personal goals, you must realize that no matter what you’re doing, you should always do it to the best of your ability. Because, at that time, nothing matters more than getting that goal accomplished. One’s small goals add up to create their larger ones.

If everything was easy, every student would be completely successful. It’s the challenges and difficulties that lead to the greatest accomplishments. Too many people misinterpret success in school as who has the highest GPA, the highest ACT or SAT scores, the most colleges that want them, when in all actuality that’s not who students are. You are not your test scores, your grades, your classes. You are consumed by your own ambition. If  your ambition can push you to accomplish your goals and work as hard as you can, you’re the student you should be. You’re the student that should be proud of their accomplishments. If you get a C in a class like college algebra, work for that C. That’s better than no challenge at all. An A in college algebra, is an accomplishment that is worth losing some sleep, hours of studying, and constant note-taking. As is everything that pushes you to reach a goal that you did not feel as though you could accomplish. No matter what goal that is, anything can push you to that next limit, our goals differ as we do.

Want to tell the County Current about goals you’ve accomplished? Tell one of our members, and I’ll publish you in a follow up article. Get going, goals are all around you.

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