Book Review: Vampire Knight

81sokX2eBeL.jpgBy Tierra Welch

They are the guardians of Cross Academy.

They must protect the secret of the Night Class.

The Day Class is consisted of normal human teenagers with rich enough parents to get into a top of the line Academy. They know nothing of the secrets behind the gates of the moon dorms. They are oblivious to their surroundings.

The Night Class is consisted of unusually beautiful teenagers, but they’re not human. They are beasts in human skin. They feed on living humans. They thirst for blood. They are vampires. No one must know. Only the disciplinary committee knows and they need to keep it a secret. So vampires and humans can co-exist.

Yuki is the adopted daughter of the headmaster of the academy. Ten years ago she was attacked by a vampire and was rescued by another. She was then taken to Cross Academy to be protected, cared for, loved. The headmaster assigned her on the disciplinary committee because she knows the secret of the night class and she will do anything to protect the students.

Zero’s family was killed by a ravaged vampire four years ago, only he survived. Now he has a burning hatred for all vampires. He was taken to Cross Academy to be taken care of. The headmaster assigned him to the disciplinary committee with Yuki. But he has a secret of his own that no one but the headmaster and the president of the night class knows.

Kaname, the president of the night class, is the vampire that saved Yuki’s life. He is also a pureblood vampire. He’s pale, kind, and beautiful. He’s everything a girl could want but it seems he only wants one girl, Yuki.

I tried something new and read volume one and two of the Vampire Knight manga by Matsuri Hino. I loved it and the originality of the story. I’ve read a lot of vampire based story lines but I’ve never read one quite like this. The characters are funny, relatable, charming, and just all around great. I would give volume one and two of Vampire Knight five stars out of five.


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