Prom Perspective

By Shelby Dalton

It’s that time of year again where girls are stressing over the perfect dress. Some girls spend hundreds, sometimes close to a thousand dollars for one night. I mean you’re probably only going to wear that dress one time. So is it really worth it?

Image result for prom memes

Prom is definitely a night to remember. It’s a chance to show off your crazy dance moves. Going out is fun, but on prom night it is a whole different story. You dance the night away with some of your best friends; eat some good food; and stay out past curfew. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

“My prom night wasn’t everything I thought it would be. My group of ten ate at LongHorn Steakhouse. We only stayed at Prom for about an hour and a half. Spending all that money wasn’t worth it.”

Boys and girls prom nights are two totally different nights. Girls will take hours to get ready for this night. Boys, on the other hand, take probably an hour, maybe two. Sometimes girls get ready weeks before prom. They get spray tans and have to have their hair cut and colored to perfection. Boys just put a tux on and call it good. Sergio Dozal (Sr.) says it only took him an hour to get ready for the big night.

We also can’t forget about promposals. When my mom was in high school, you just called the person you wanted to go with and ask them. But today, we have to go above and beyond. From ordered fortune cookies, chalked car windows with the word “PROM?” painted on them, to something “cheesy’ like a pizza with prom spelled in pepperonis.


Pictured above is Dylan Gravette and Mabely Teodocio, Promposal 2016



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