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Book Review: Prodigy


By Tierra Welch

Day escapes his execution with the help of June and the Patriots. Now they work with the rebel group, the Patriots, on a special project. Now they can’t show their faces around the Republic in fear of being recognized. The cons of being a famous criminal and the Republic’s darling, but they’re on the run now and can’t afford to trust people. Then something terrible happens, the Elector Primo dies. Now the Republic is weak, this is the moment for the Patriots attack or even the Colonies. That’s where Day and June come in.

The new Elector, Anden, is now struggling to keep the country in check. Power is slipping from his grasp. The Senators are uncomfortable letting the young Elector run a country because he knows something no one else knows. He knows how to save the country. He knows the secrets behind the Trials. That information will be his enemy.

The Patriots want them to start the revolution that’s long overdue, but to do that they have to kill the Elector. The most heavily guarded person in all of the Republic of America and they have to kill him. Lucky for them Anden trusts June. That is all that’s saving them from barging in guns blazing. But June uncovers the truth and she knows that killing the Elector will not save the country, if anything it will tear the country apart.

June and Day’s differences are making themselves known and they’re desperately trying to hold on to each other. But how long can they last? June is discovering feelings she’s never felt before but love might not be enough this time.

The sequel to the first book Legend by Marie Lu, Prodigy is something of beauty. With suspense and the “Wow!” factor I was looking for in the first book. The romance that started in the streets of the streets in the Lake Sector in Legend has come along way. There will be loss and love. There will be painful goodbyes and new beginnings. I give this book five stars out of five.

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