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Prom Horror Stories

By Alexus Brock

Prom expectations: the The best day of your high school career. A day filled with too much glitter, fake eyelashes, 20 lbs. of hairspray, and lovely dinner dates with the love of your life.

Prom reality: A day filled with way too much glitter than will permanently form a layer on the seat of your minivan, fake eyelashes that will rip your real eyelashes out, hairspray in such a massive amount that it will cause you to get asthma, and the most expensive meal of your life. It’ll probably be some fancy form of pasta, and your boyfriend probably had to borrow money from his mom to pay for your ridiculous choice of restaurant to suit the evening.

Although many people do have the prom experience that they’ve dreamed of, there are many that did not gain the same experience.  I’ve interviewed the poor souls who’s prom did in fact, give them too much glitter and expensive fancy pasta. Here are some of their stories:

Henri Whitehead: “When I was a senior, I took a close friend who I wanted to date. We went to prom and everything was going fine. It was afterward when we met a problem. I took her to the park, where I kissed her. After I kissed her, she started violently sobbing. Violently. Of course, I was automatically examining myself. ‘Was my breath bad, was I a bad kisser?’ It was then she informed me that that had been her first kiss. We later dated, and did not talk about our first kiss.”

Shelby Dalton: “My junior year prom was one that was heavily procrastinated. I forgot that I needed to shorten my dress until the day of prom. Thank God I had a grandma who could shorten my dress for me. The only problem? Time. I was cutting it so close on time and I didn’t want to be late to prom. She got my dress done an hour before prom started, still close, but I was going to make it. As I was pulling out of my driveway, my car broke down. I ended up being two hours late for prom.”

Payton Walters: “My junior year of prom I was in a group with a lot of people. (Payton Walters, Seth Shockley, Carlie Dill, Jacob Spurlock, Alexa Dudley, Elijah Jones, Myka Schlessman, Mason Hendrix, Bailey Barrett, Emitt Dalton, Michela Wells, and Wyatt Griffith) We had just gotten back from eating in Joplin, and we were on the exit to Stangs, we were literally right by the High School. Our driver was going extremely fast, and upon request he did not slow down. Not soon after, our tire blew up. We were stuck on the road, and had to get out to have our tire fixed. We were all just standing on the road in our prom dresses and tuxes. We had multiple people that stopped and offered to give us a ride including multiple police officers. Eventually the company head of our limo rental showed up. He fired our driver on the spot, and he just got out of the car and started walking. We had no idea where he was going, I hope he’s not still walking now. We ended up standing on the side of the road for close to 45 minutes. It was definitely  a prom to remember.”

Alexus Brock: My sophomore year I was going to prom with my boyfriend. Unfortunately though, the day of prom was also the same of my state debate tournament, and I was not about to miss that. I had been competing all day in Springfield, and I didn’t want to be more than an hour late to prom. I left the tournament, but if I wanted to make it in time, I had to get ready in the car. I had to do my hair, makeup, and get into my dress while going 70. On top of this, I was so upset I was crying my eyes out. Which was making streaks on my face from freshly applied makeup, of course making my only job much more difficult. I got to my boyfriend’s to go to prom, and was only a little more than an hour late.

Bailey Tyson: “My freshman year of High School I had a sort of ‘impromptu prom date.’ The night was going pretty well, I had a dress and was in a group with Alexus Brock, Connor Underwood, Maci Tinsley, Ethan Eads, Julie Parnell, and Taylor Brown. I ended up going with Connor’s friend James. We took pictures and then went to Shoguns for dinner. Where Julie and I got food poisoning. Alexus and Maci just kept eating like nothing was wrong, I found myself having to throw up before prom, during prom, and after. It’s safe to say my freshman year prom won’t be forgotten.”

In conclusion, prom can be fun until you get food poisoning and your limo breaks down. I’d recommend to anyone, it may be magical. But, if it’s not, know you’re not alone.

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