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Atlanta Falcons Will Win Super Bowl LI

By  Matthew Crowder

The Atlanta Falcons are representing the NFC after beating the Green Bay Packers 21-44 in the NFC championship game. Now, they are going to take on a classic New England Patriots team in Houston, Texas. The Patriots beat the Steelers in the AFC championship game with a score of 17-36. The Falcons are going to their second Super Bowl so far after losing their first Super Bowl back in 1998  to the Denver Broncos. They have been to 13 playoff appearances only winning 6 divisional playoff games. Now the Patriots are going in to their fifth Super Bowl under Tom Brady the MVP quarterback and one of the greatest coaches of all time BIll Belichick. They have been to 24 playoff appearances with 19 divisional championships making it to 9 AFC conference championships.

I think the Falcons have a good chance of winning lead by a quarterback in Matt Ryan who is on fire right now. I think the task that the Falcons have to face is playing good defense against an elite Patriots offense. Dan Quinn the head coach who focuses on defense since he was a former defensive coordinator at Seattle winning a Super Bowl with them will have to get that defense ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5th at 5:30 on Fox where millions of people around the world watch the game and the funny commercials that air every Super Bowl.

I asked Alex Guadarrama, who is a Pats fan, what he thinks about the Patriots playing in the Super Bowl he said, “The Patriots are going to win their fifth super bowl ring no matter what people think.”

I think that the best match up for the game will be the number 1 scoring offense which is the Falcons against the number 1 scoring defense which is the Patriots. If the Falcons dominate on offense with Julio Jones, and the dual running backs, Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman, I think the Falcons will win the Lombardi trophy, but if they don’t stop Tom Brady and wide receiver, Julian Edelman, then I think we’re looking at great game then for both teams in Houston. I hope Atlanta can get their first Super Bowl win against a tough Patriots team who is looking for their 5th Super Bowl ring and trophy, so they can take their trophy and team rings back to their new stadium that opens up next season named the Mercedes Benz Stadium.


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