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Non-fiction for Fiction Writers

admin_1-asset-5050a4189776eBy Bailey Sherrell

Ms. Unruh speaks to all writers when she says, “Just write. Keep writing. Try to get your work public as much as you can. Get it out there for people to see, criticize, or love so you can become a better writer. Also read good writings and learn from good writers.”

When you decide you want to write, you might not really understand how much work and effort it takes to write. Sure, you have an amazing idea or the perfect sentence for that chapter, but what about the rest? Do you have the ending already planned out? Do you know a huge turn of events that will happen?

If you do, you’re already a wayyy better writer than I am. I can’t just sit and plan things out.  I might figure out the perfect characters but not a great story. I might have the most amazing plot, but where do I start? What’s my ending? Is this the body? So, I just write. I don’t plan. I read and soak every word in and use them as my muses. When you become a writer, you don’t write what the audience wants. You have to write what YOU want to write, and that is what makes your writing worthy of being read.

When thinking of something to write about, watch movies/videos, read tons of books, listen to the words of a song, go for a walk outside. There’s so much you can do to help figure out a writing idea, however, it’s also the easiest thing to do.

You need to figure out the greatest beginning, since most readers are captured by the first chapter. You need an unexpected part that will make the reader read more. And no matter the genre, you still need to capture the attention of the reader.

Before you even start writing, you need to know how the book will end. That’s basically the most important part of the book. So, you’ve captured the reader’s attention, but your not done.  You also need to make sure they felt the book. A good book makes you care about the characters, in a good or bad way. So when the books ends, whether it’s happy or sad, you want the reader to feel the impact of the book. You want them upset that the book is ending and craving more. You want emotions boiling up from the final sentence. The last dialogue. The. Last. Word.

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