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Help Wanted!


By Ricardo Ramirez

I Need Help!!!!!

Hello everyone, it’s your boy Ricardo Ramirez, for sometime now I’ve been interested in started my own talk show. I don’t want it to be serious or anything like that, I want it to be fun, filled with a bunch of one liners and a lot of jokes. What the show is about is each week we have a guest and we ask about their personal lives, their experiences throughout high school, and many other things so the audiences can get to know them better. Anyways the thing is, is that i need a lot of help from people. First of I need some great co hosts, about 5 of them, and I’ll make a list down below of what exactly I’m looking for. Second I need like a small tech crew, pretty simple stuff, a cameraman and editor pretty much nothing special. Thirdly I need some lovely guest who are ready to be embarrassed and open up about their lives.

Co Hosts Specifications

  • Not  too shy on camera
  • Witty Humor
  • Ability to ask questions on the spot
  • Hard Work
  • Good manners

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