Movie Review-Moana


By Danisha Hadley

Why Moana is a must watch

Wanna know the best movie of 2016? Before it even came out, I watched the Moana movie preview during the summer and was super excited for the movie to come out. So the day it came out, nobody was as ready or more hyped to go and watch than me and my friends. Going to watch it was definitely the best decision I made over Thanksgiving break. The second best decision was going to watch it a second time.

Age Appropriate

There are many reasons to why Moana is such a great movie to watch. One of them is that the animations are great making the characters in the movie the cutest things ever. Another reason is, the songs are also extravagantly lit. It is a movie anyone in the family from the baby to the grandma can watch.maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)

Life lessons

This movie also teaches many life lessons. One of them being, sometimes you just need to listen to your heart and gut instincts. Although Moana was told she could not go beyond the reef’s of Motunui she listened to herself and did it for the sake of her people Another is, without a heart you can turn into someone or something that you aren’t. After Te Fiti got her heart stolen she turned into Te Ka, a heartless creature who wants to bring death to everyone.
050fe5d5-b908-4e54-8498-ff94a1a24cf0.jpg (640×640)8ebf96ee246dbd0010039e40c89be73f.png (1440×599)

Family and chances

At the beginning of the movie, Moana’s people was running out of fish in their reef. Even after being told to never go past beyond the reef, Moana took a chance and sailed off for the sake of her family. She went through many things like dealing with Maui’s cockiness, fighting the Kakamora pirates and the crab villain Tamatoa. Her good heart got Maui to care about the people again and she saw the “real” Te Fiti inside of Te Ka.
These are very few reasons to why Moana is the cutest and best movie of 2016.


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