How I Stopped…

How I Stopped Caring About the World and Began Living a Dull and Boring Life.

By Pollo Ramirez



I am not a Christian, I am also not an Atheist nor a Jew, nor a Muslim, nor a… well you get the idea. I am a Buddhist, I think it’s important for me tell you this because nowadays it’s still hard for us as people to accept other people as they are whether it’s what religion we follow, where we come from, what color our skin is, what language we speak, and if we’re gay or not, and this has really brought me a lot of discomfort towards the world. It disappoints me to see people worrying about stuff that doesn’t really matter, like that test you have on Friday or who I’m going to prom with. To be honest, I don’t care at all about stuff like that because I know my life has bigger things to accomplish than things like that.

What matters to me is how I treat people everyday, if my friends are doing well or not because little things like that have such a big impact and some people have a trouble realizing that. I don’t care what religion they follow or anything like that, as long as they’re good human beings that’s all that matters to me, but I feel like more than half of the world doesn’t share that view with me. It’s hard for me to be in high school and see people put a label on other people and judge them. Everyday I wake to be the best person I can be, but then by 9:15, I find myself to be so discouraged by the people around me and what I see or read on the news. It’s really hard and that’s why I find my life to be really boring and dull. I know I’m still really young and there’s more to see in the world and I’m really excited about, but as I age I aslo start to realize that we leave a lot of people behind us, unintentional that is, which is very understandable because there’s so much going around us and life changes and people change.

That’s why I believe you shouldn’t hold grudges or gossip about people who are close to us or people we don’t really know because you never really know how much a person means to us until they’re gone…… Ehh this sounds really cliche’ and all, and I don’t even know why I am writing about all this, probably because I’m bored or something. Well anyways, I’ll just continue because I already started. I think it’s really awful that when people see a different culture or something like that and completely shove it away just because it’s not the same thing as their culture or religion, I see all the time at school and in my country. I think it’s important not only to learn about these things but to respect them as well. By doing all this I believe this well let more people to be more accepting to different lifestyles and people of different races, also allow us as people to live in more harmony. Ehhhhh, I think that’s all I have, and although I say I’ve stopped caring about the world, deep down I really haven’t, and I’ll never stop trying to be the best person i can be everyday and I’ll always, no matter what I’ll Always treat a good human being with respect, no what their race is, or their religious beliefs, or where they come from.


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