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Zion. T Makes His Long Awaited Comeback

Zion.T-teaser.jpgBy Pollo Ramirez

Last week marked the return of music genius Zion. T with his release of the new mini album “OO”. This comeback will be his after the single release of “No Make Up”, which was came out October of 2015. Although the artist did release two singles for the rap show “Show Me the Money 5”, the mini album made instant impact on the Korean music scene, with the title track  “The Song” topping almost all of Korea’s 8 major digital charts. What stopped him was himself, with the track “Complex” (featuring BigBang’s G-Dragon), topping one of the charts.

In an interview, Zion.T explained his style of music, “When I first started doing music, I did rap. But I had no style. My rap sounded bad even to me, and the people around me also didn’t react much to it. So I started to do research. I started to sing putting a melody to rap, and I thought that had some character. That’s when I started to develop my own style of rhythm.”

For me I really admire Zion. T’s music, it’s very unique and has a lot of meaning to it. It’s really hard to compare him to any Western artist, because he combines different genres together, even though he tends to stick to R&B and Hip-hop styles, he manages to fuse different elements into them at makes something special . Zion. T’s popularity is no joke either, being one of the biggest solo acts in South Korea, he’s manage to make hit after hit, with all the songs from “OO” charting within the top 25 on the Gaon Digital Chart, if you’re ever looking for new music to listen to, make sure to check out Zion.T.

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